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9 things to include in a One Pager to attract potential investors

When you are looking to approach potential investors, you want to ensure that you have the key information presented most temptingly to get noticed by the investors. A one-page document can help you accomplish that. It is a concise document bearing key information that an investor can study within a minute.

It’s essential to have a one pager in your ‘Startup Funding Kit’ to provide potential investors with -

  • The problem that you are trying to solve
  • The solution that you have come up with
  • The market size for your solution
  • The team that you have assembled
  • The financial projections for your company
  • The revenue model
  • The competitive landscape
  • The traction that you have already gained
  • The terms of the deal that you are looking for

Like executive summary and pitch deck, one pager is an integral part of your ‘Startup Funding’ kit, It offers an overview of your business that you can send to potential investors to give them a snapshot of what your business is, what it does, and how it can make money.

Incorporating one pager into your investor outreach strategy increases your chances to raise funding. This is because it covers key components like the problem, solution, marketing scope, etc., in a simple yet effective way that you can use to invigorate an investor's interest in your startup.

In POD Investor One Pager, you can add –

Company Branding

To stand out in the crowd, startups spend endless hours coming up with catchy names, logo, and tagline that align with their mission. They’re a crucial component of your business; hence, your startup’s name, logo, and tagline are mentioned at the top of the page in the POD one pager template.


Problem and Solution

Every business starts the same; only their path defines who they are. And that’s enough to hook investors’ attention. Next, mention the problem area you deemed significant enough to base your startup’s vision on and how you will solve the problem and make your consumers’ lives easier.

Pro Tip: The problems and solutions should be specific, clear, and relevant to the consumers’ needs.


Market Scope

Potential investors want to see that you have done your homework regarding market opportunities. They want to know there is a market for what you are selling and that you have a plan to reach your target market. You should include statistics about your market and information about your target customer. Please explain how you plan to onboard them and how much demand is for your product or service.

This critical section of the POD one pager is dedicated to elaborating your startup positioning in the market. In this section, you have to add –

  • Total Addressable Market (TAM)
  • Service Addressable Market (SAM)
  • Service Obtainable Market (SOM)

The bigger the TAM, the bigger the opportunity to scale the business and the return on investment. So for that reason only, this becomes the highlight of one pager as investors tend to invest in startups with bigger TAM.


Competitive Landscape

It is the perfect opportunity to emphasize the competitive landscape. Showcase your product's competitors in the market and why your product is the best amongst them. It would help the investor study your product against the competitor and conclude.


Revenue Model

If your business model isn't pivoted towards making money, no one would be willing to invest in it. And that's the bottom line. So explain how you intend to make money through selling services, products, subscriptions, etc.


Growth Strategy

Given the funding, how do you intend to grow your business? Investors prefer to back an out-of-the-box thinker entrepreneur! Use this space to boast about the strategies you'll incorporate in your marketing plan to scale your business and take it to the next level.


Market Traction

Since your idea is in the development phase, explaining the market traction to showcase the concept can exist in the real world increases your chances of raising seed capital. Also, mentioning the competitor in one pager helps investors evaluate your startup idea against the existing players.

If you can show that your company is making progress and has potential, it will bolster your case with potential investors.


Financial Projection (Revenue & Expenses for the next five years)

What do the next five years hold for you? Where do you view your business? What's the net profit you're predicting for the next five years? Since attaining the exact numbers is a rarity, feed realistic numbers to showcase that your business is bound to be generating a revenue stream in the next five years.



At the initial stage of a startup, investors look to back a startup based on the team's credibility rather than a product. Therefore, a strong team with relevant background experience is a plus in the eyes of the investors.


Funding in Ask

The sole purpose of creating one pager is to raise money. Mention the approximate amount of money you intend to raise from the funding round. Inculcate the objective you have planned to achieve with the funds like product development, hiring key personnel, etc.

Pro tip: Include the additional costs for unexpected situations in your budget.

You can include key details in an easily digestible format with POD Investor One Pager.


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