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Create the Best Irresistible One Pager for Your Startup in 5 Minutes

"Hey! That's a nice idea. Do you have a one pager or something concise that we can see?"

Panic kicked in as nobody has told you that you would need a one pager. What would you do in that situation?

Option A – Would you take out bits of your pitch deck and present in literally one page?

Option B - Hire a professional designer who will take a couple of days to design a one pager and delay the fundraising opportunity?

To everyone who stumbled here searching for "one-pager template" or "how to create one-pager for startup funding?" Google directed you to the right page.

In this blog, I've elaborated on the term 'One Pager,' its benefits, and how you can make one, all within 5 minutes.

What is One Pager?

It's a document that encapsulates almost every information a VC expects from a pitch deck in literally 'one page.' In addition, the bit-size information helps VCs to get the gist of your startup at a glance.

In other words, One-pager is an informational document that highlights the startup founder's mission and vision; who they are; what their product or service is, how they operate; and what challenges they're looking to overcome.

Getting the key data on one page seems impossible, considering there's much to add in a small space. At POD, we understood your sentiments towards adding impressive numbers to glorify your startup in front of VCs; therefore, we created a professional one pager template to impress VCs.

In POD's professional one pager template, you can add the following details -

One pager template.png

Our one pager template is designed to transform your pitch deck into a powerful and inviting informational source. In this FREE ONE PAGER TEMPLATE, your work is limited to adding the information and downloading the PDF version once done. I've timed the whole process, and it took me less than 5 minutes to prepare an impressive one pager.

Benefits of POD's One Pager For Startups

When it comes to warming up the lead after the initial contact, there isn't anything better than a one pager. Along with that, there are other benefits to a one pager -

Saves Time

Since everything is collated on one page, it becomes easy for VC to decipher the key idea and piques their interest in the startup from the get-go.


One pager is designed to stand out among pitch deck, executive summary, etc. Apart from its visual aesthetics, it contains key figures and numbers to capture VC's attention.


One-pager is an excellent addition to your startup funding' kit and helps VCs make a quick decision with optimum and focussed information.

Create one pager for your startup today and get your fundraising plan up and running.


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