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Submit Your Pitch Deck To 1000+ Investors On POD

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Every day hundreds of startups breathe in the ecosystem bearing a revolutionary idea. But for a startup to go from zero to a mainstream platform with a 1000000+ userbase requires careful planning and colossal capital.

Capital is essential for startups to grow, and a well-written pitch deck can help get the money a startup needs. In addition, from a pitch deck, potential investors can easily digest and get an informed opinion on what they're looking at without rereading too much information.

A pitch deck is a visual document (slide show or a written document) created by the startup to present its services or products to potential investors in an organized and concise manner.

The easiest way for startups to reach out to thousands of investors is to submit a pitch deck with angel investment platforms like POD. Not only does it speed up the process of startup fundraising, but it also gives access to their investor network of 1000+ verified investors.

In this blog, we have explained the process of how startups have successfully raised seed capital through POD.


How To Submit Your Pitch Deck To 1000+ Investors On POD?


Step #1 - Create Startup Profile

The first step is to create a 'startup profile' with this link – Register

Once registered, startups fill in the necessary information like CIN Number, Company Pan Number, and most importantly, the 'Funding Goal' to complete the startup fundraising application.

This process will ensure startup profile creation on the platform and eligibility for submitting a pitch deck and other supporting documents for the fundraiser.


Step #2- Submit Pitch Deck

Attracting investment can be challenging. And these days, investors look for more than just a name. Therefore, startups create and submit pitch decks to visually present the idea, value proposition, market opportunity, and, most notably, how they plan to make money (business model) to hook the investors.

To know how to create a successful pitch deck, refer to our blog – 13 slides every pitch deck must have


Step #3 – Vetting and Evaluation

The investment team at POD reviews the pitch deck and another supporting document before presenting it to the investor circle of 1000+ verified startup investors. The independent research is done to understand the business and evaluation more clearly, before inviting investors to invest in the startup.

Startups that pass POD's strict eligibility criteria (we have discussed this later in this blog) are invited to pitch at POD’s exclusive POP event (Pitch on POD).

POP series takes place over the weekends (usually on Saturdays), where startups are presented with the opportunity to pitch their business idea to investors. Each startup has 15 minutes to present the idea, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A.


Step #4 – Campaign Launch

Startups that manage to hook investors with their pitch get the nod on POD. With the fundraising campaign launch, registered investors can access and invest in the startup through POD.

Each startup is given a 21-day timeline to reach the funding goal. And startups like IUVA, Task Tracker, and KarryNow have successfully raised seed capital within the timeline.


Eligibility Criteria For Startups on POD

The eligibility criteria for startups to raise pre-seed & seed capital on POD are as follows -

  • Indian startup with a highly scalable business model
  • Startups with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or a launched product
  • ‘Funding in Ask’ should be up to 1 crore
  • Unique solutions with a disruptive approach
  • Generated revenue through established customer base and market
  • Founders with a strong background in the niche & passionate about building the next market disruptor


Benefits Of Raising Seed Capital On POD

Financing Mode – Unlike other startup investment platforms, POD offers both debt and equity financing models to startups.

Fundraising Campaign Timeline – On POD, the fundraising campaign is active for 3 weeks for investors to review and invest.

1000+ Verified Investors – On POD, we have 1000+ verified investors who can access the startup fundraising campaign and invest directly.

Free entry to POP – Startups get the opportunity to pitch in front of investors at POD exclusive pitch event – POP (Pitch on POD).


We are accepting applications from startups looking to raise pre-seed & seed capital - SUBMIT PITCH DECK

Please submit your pitch deck as follows:

  • PDFs only
  • No more than 5MB
  • Include your contact information on the final slide

POD is owned by Crowdpouch Ventures Services Private Limited and reserves all rights to the assets, content, services, information, and products and graphics in the website but third party content. Crowdpouch does not solicit, advertise, market any of the users registered with POD, neither does it solicit investors by offering leagues/schemes/competitions etc. related to securities markets. POD hereby clarifies that it does not carry any resemblance to the stock exchange nor does it facilitate trading of securities nor does it act like a broker/agent/media for raising funds. Investment through POD does not carry rights of renunciation. Investors are cautioned that POD operates in an unregulated space hence, investment through POD is subject to investment risk. Investments in startups are highly illiquid.