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Invest in most valuable Indian startups in 2023

Investing in early-stage Indian startups has seen an upward shift in the past few years. This is partly due to the introduction of angel investing platforms like POD that facilitates a smooth investing process for investing in early-stage startups in India.

The benefits of investing in startups lure hundreds of retail investors to explore angel investing. The potential for high returns, higher than the traditional asset class, and the opportunity to support a young and innovative local startup are among the benefits of investing in early-stage Indian startups.

And with the emergence of platforms like POD that allow retail investors to invest in early-stage startups with small ticket size, experts believe that participation from the retail investors will flourish the early-stage investing ecosystem in 2022.

If you’re a retail investor looking to invest in Indian startups at seed stage, the time has never been perfect as today.


How To Invest In Promising Early-Stage Startups In India On POD?

POD is an angel investment platform that democratizes early-stage startup funding in India by bridging the gap between promising startups and investors. On POD, a retail investor can invest in an early-stage Indian startup with a minimum of Rs. 20,000.


To invest in a startup on POD -

  • Sign up to create an account using Google/another email. Click on the ‘Invest’ option and enter your mobile number to get started as an angel investor.
  • Click on the ‘Startups’ page to explore live fundraising campaigns.
  • Select the startup that you want to invest in and click on ‘Commit’ to make the investment.

You’ll receive a confirmation mail to confirm your investment in the startup. Once the startup successfully accomplishes its fundraising goal, the timeframe for it is usually 14 days, you’ll receive the security.


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